Frequently asked questions



Frequently asked questions

Can I come alone to classes? 

Of course, the majority of our students join our classes as individuals. Our inclusive and friendly environment means that everybody soon relaxes and makes friends

I can't attend every class, can I still join? 

Ideally you should aim to attend all classes but we understand that this is not always possible and generally students do miss the odd class. If you will miss more classes than you will attend then you will probably struggle to keep up with the classes and private tuition at our premises may be more suitable for you. 

Can I pay only when I attend? 

No, our classes are not PAYG. It is important to be able to commit to lessons when learning a language, certainly as a beginner you will not learn enough unless you attend regularly. Also, we run our classes with small numbers and therefore we must run at capacity in order to keep classes running.

Can I leave the course once it has started? 

Once a course has started we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. Again, as our courses run with small numbers we must run with booked numbers to protect the course from cancellation. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

We offer an option to spread payments throughout the course to keep our courses accessible, however, if this payment option is selected then you are still obliged to pay the full course fee. Any bookings are subject to accepting our terms and conditions and we do not accept any enrolments without students agreeing to our terms. 

What will I learn in my lessons?

We teach practical, conversational and theme based Spanish. At beginner level we take students through the basics of negotiating common situations you will encounter when visiting Spain. As you progress through the levels of our courses, the classes become more conversational and topical, equipping you with the skills to converse with native speakers effectively.

What can I do at home to improve my Spanish?

When learning a language, little and often is key. Ideally, you should aim to spend time each day reading your notes, looking at Spanish resources online, listening to the radio etc. It takes commitment to learn a language and you will see your proficiency develop much faster if you can dedicate a little time each day outside of class.

Will I have homework to complete?

We will give suggestions on what you can do at home to improve your language, there are no exams in our classes and homework is not compulsory, however, we do recommend doing something each week to consolidate what you have studied in class.

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