Secondary Schools

Language_Assistants V2

Having a language assistant in your school will not only give your pupils access to excellent language tuition, but also provides a link to another country and culture.

As native speakers they bring on point language to the classroom, they teach correct pronunciation and all those intricacies of language that only native speakers can bring.

Having a language assistant in a secondary school means pupils can really progress their language skills and prepare for exams. The assistant can work with pupils to prepare them for oral exams; work with a native speaker really develops oral and aural skills and encourages spontaneous interaction. They can develop the pronunciation of pupils, who will have the benefit of listening to a native speaker with their authentic accent, pronunciation and colloquialisms.

Textbooks and grammar exercises are important but interaction with a native speaker is invaluable and brings language alive in the classroom.

Language assistants provide the solution to preparing students for the new GCSE exams that are highly focused on spontaneous conversation. Intensive work with a native speaker can help bring pupils skills up to standard.

Our assistants will work not only on language acquisition but will provide a cultural dimension to the classroom and will showcase the benefits of learning a language and the opportunities this opens up. We want your pupils to engage in learning and fully appreciate the opportunities available to linguists such as travel, employment, friendships etc.

Our assistants are all DBS cleared and have classroom management training. They understand the UK education and examination system.

They can work with your school in a number of ways:

  • Assist the teacher
  • Take the class / PPA cover
  • Train teachers
  • Provide workshops / activities / language and culture days

We offer a flexible service; you can hire an assistant from 1 hour to a full academic year. There is no minimum contract. Pricing is flexible depending on your requirements; find out more here.