Social Projects


We believe that language should never be a barrier, which is why we ensure a portion of our profits are injected into a social project close to our hearts, helping to bring affordable language lessons to all.

Our Work In Mexico

It all started with a trip to Babson College in Boston, where The Language Guys founder Emma received a scholarship to attend the Babson Build; a programme designed to bring together entrepreneurs from across the world, to network and learn. It was there she stumbled across some awe inspiring people, with ideas that she really felt could revolutionise the world. However, these entrepreneurs were at a severe disadvantage from the start, they couldn’t speak English well. As a result of poor language skills they had been unable to get investment or sales from countries where these products and services could actually make a real difference. Emma spoke with a number of these fantastic people and realised this lack of ability wasn’t due to a lack of effort, but more a lack of resources and finance.

Upon her return to England, she decided that she wanted to use her company The Language Guys, to help create the difference she wanted to see. With quality language lessons unaffordable for an average person in Mexico, Emma decided to tackle this problem as a social project, supported by the company.

The Language Guys now use a proportion of the profits made each year to offer affordable English tuition to those in Mexico. Supporting those who are striving to create valuable businesses by helping them to gain the language skills required to sell to English speaking markets.

However, this isn’t the end of our work, Emma intends to keep pushing the social contribution made in Mexico, as well as expanding to other developing countries; encouraging entrepreneurship and affordable language education worldwide.